InHouse iPhone/iPad App

I worked on making an automatically updating company contact list and document list application for iOS. The App would automatically check for changes in contact information or documents based on individual groups.

The idea was that only a single department needed to update their single contact list or their document list. InHouse would monitor each group for changes and compile the groups into a single searchable list.

These Lists and Documents could be downloaded to the iOS device and used ‘offline’ or without internet access. The app would manage its own memory footprint by monitoring documents for their ‘last used’ stamp, allowed the older unused documents to be overwritten by newer more frequently used documents.

The app was also able to locate the correct regional salesman and their contact information based on the iOS device’s GPS location.


3D Printed Computer Stand

Here is a 3D Printed half scale mount for the system computer on the machines I work on at work. We never used it, but I always wondered what it would look like if we did make one. So having a 3D printer, I printed one. I am quite satisfied with this design and I may use it for myself.


A New Can-Opener

There are times that I need to reprogram an embedded system. Usually I have to crack open the laptop, a serial communication device, and hook everything up just to download a new or updated program into the device.

And if anything goes wrong its catastrophic!

I was think of making a device that could to the same thing but was totally self contained; rechargeable battery, built in serial communication device, and storage (Flash RAM) all in a USB Stick format.

At the moment, it is mostly working hardware and the operating system is setup as a hardware test rather than a user friendly operating system.

Here is a few photos of the start of this project;