How to install Atlassian products on a QNAP server.

OK for a while now I have been using Atlassian’s products to help me manage my projects. Specifically I have been using the JIRA, Confluence and BitBucket products. (The JIRA Service Desk is nice too!).

However, these tools are not something that can be easily installed on a QNAP. There are some Docker Containers out there that make a great place to start. Namely, ‘cptactionhank‘, makes a set of Docker Containers for JIRA, Confluence and BitBucket that run right out of the container. However I never could get the containers to play nice with the rest of my network.

So, last year I needed to set up a server that used these tools; and I needed to document it so a remote IT department could duplicate my procedure. This year I had a chance to polish up my procedure while setting up another server instance.

Attached below is my step-by-step procedure for setting up Atlassian’s JIRA, Confluence and Bitbucket services on my QNAP server. The QNAP will require a minimum of 8GB of RAM for this to work, more RAM would be better.

How to Install Atlassian on QNAP PDF