A New Can-Opener

There are times that I need to reprogram an embedded system. Usually I have to crack open the laptop, a serial communication device, and hook everything up just to download a new or updated program into the device.

And if anything goes wrong its catastrophic!

I was think of making a device that could to the same thing but was totally self contained; rechargeable battery, built in serial communication device, and storage (Flash RAM) all in a USB Stick format.

At the moment, it is mostly working hardware and the operating system is setup as a hardware test rather than a user friendly operating system.

Here is a few photos of the start of this project;


3D Printed Cryptex

Here is my take on a Cryptex. I enjoyed designing and building this puzzle box. As you rotate the rings, they will ‘click’ into place. And it is built well enough that if you lost your code-word, it would take some effort to open this box.


3D Printed SD Card Holder

Having to carry several SD Cards is usually no big deal but I don’t really have a good place to put them in my backpack. And being kinda cheap, I didn’t want to buy a SD Card case so I designed one and 3D print it.


3D Printed Keyboard Holder

I needed a place to put my keyboard out of the way; so I designed a keyboard holder and a mouse holder. Now I can hang my keyboard and mouse on my cabinet door to clear up some desk space.IMG_0170